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Fabien Rebouh has been working full-time for one of the largest energy suppliers in Bavaria as a business customer advisor in sales for over 25 years. His many years of experience in the distribution and sale of such an emotionless product as electricity or natural gas have made him think again and again how he can be different from the others. Just the price as a comparison? He realized that very quickly, it can't be the price.

When there is an opportunity to speak to people and address their emotional level. How do you manage to be remembered and not be one of many? Through his experience as a professional in the entertainment arts of magic and as a certified trainer IHK, it quickly became clear to him that it is precisely this combination of methods of magic and words that leaves a lasting impression on people.

Expand your method case and learn from an enchanting trainer how you can stay in the minds of your customers with the techniques of the old, traveling jugglers, sleuths and traders. You will learn simple tricks that you can master quickly and skillfully incorporate into your training, moderation or lecture. There are no limits to your creativity. if you put the advantage of your products in the foreground with the help of a magic trick or just do not just hand over a business card but with a kick in such a way that your customers really like to keep it because you have left a lasting impression. Or learn great group activation methods that will turn your training into an event.

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