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This gimmick, which offers you a multitude of possibilities, is manufactured with high quality and completed by hand in several steps. In the package you will get a link to the routine and the explanation including some variations. You can also demonstrate my routine like this, you will definitely come up with a lecture. If not, here is an example.

You go to a table or stand on the stage.

Sorry, my contact lens has slipped! Do you also know it when there is a speck of dust in the eye or the lens simply does not want to get into the eye? But they are also small things; it would be better if they were bigger (transformation into a giant lens that I broke out of a magnifying glass 1 € store). But then they don't really fit into the eye (disappear handle, exchange in the pocket for glasses). I actually think glasses are better (glasses appear) Oh! But it is dirty (take the red silk scarf and clean it, steal the glass when turning sideways with glasses, breathe misdirection ;-), the glass appears under the silk scarf) it is important not to lose sight. Bottom up!

I hope you enjoy trying out and developing new possibilities.

Appearing champagne glass

SKU: 12567
  • Das Gimmick ist schwarz pulverbeschichtet und aus einem Teil aus Alu geläsert. In mehreren  Arbeitsschritten von mir in Handarbeit hergestellt. 

    Es werden Sektgläser von IKEA verwendet

  • 1x gimmick

    1x champagne glass real

    1x download link with some cool demonstration examples

    everything in beautiful packaging

Without reported VAT according to § 19 UStG small business regulation
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